Sage Support

Setup & Configuration

VAT Routines

Sage is very effective at tracking your VAT liability, and produces superb accurate reports to enable the completion of your VAT return. We are happy to assist with your quarterly VAT returns, whilst encouraging you to eventually take on this simple task yourself, once confident.

Stock Control

In conjunction with Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, and a Project Management module, Sage 50 includes a comprehensive stock control module. Re-order levels and suggested order quantities, product categorisation, stock valuation and complete stock movement history are all easily maintained within the system, in addition to multiple price lists, discount matrixes, etc. We can assist you with setting up and maintaining your stock records and ensure you are invoicing effectively.

Multi Currency

Sage 50 has basic multi- currency functionality built in. Many foreign bank accounts can be maintained in the system, and using an exchange rate table, transactions are stored in their actual currency whilst the sterling equivalent is displayed for a quick overview. We have strong experience in this area and are happy to discuss particular requirements to assess the suitability of Sage 50 to any given application.

Year End Routines

It is good practice to keep your accounts database healthy, and there are a number of routines that can be run periodically to ensure this. At the year end, any historical transactions that are no longer required can be removed without affecting the integrity of the system. We are always on hand to assist at year end time, ensuring the peace of mind that your system is fully functional and ready for the year ahead. Obviously, P&L and Balance Sheet reports can be generated at this time, as they can at any time through the year. Budgets and comparison figures are also maintained to give a more advanced level of analysis, should it be required.


Data Migration

If you already have an accounting system in place, or simply operate from paper ledgers, we will manage, in conjunction with your accountant, a successful and accurate migration to a new system. This is nearly always an excellent opportunity to address historical inaccuracies in your accounts, and can be very rewarding for management when completed, given the extensive yet simple features Sage presents with just a few mouse clicks!

Importing/Exporting Data

Sage 50 is equipped with a very useful interface to transfer transactions to and from the accounting engine. In addition, bespoke software can be specified and developed to complement the existing modules, and when necessary a direct link can be established into the core of the system for seamless integration.


Training and Support


Just a few hours of one to one training can seriously improve your understanding of the basic principals Sage adheres to throughout the system. Sage encourages good accounting practices, and whilst an existing knowledge of book keeping can help, using the software correctly quickly builds confidence in this area.

General Troubleshooting

If your existing system is not correctly configured or seems to be hindering rather than assisting your day to day operations, we can help.

Report Writing / Stationary Layouts

Sage includes a very powerful reporting tool, and can offer a lot more than just a few basic lists. If the information is in there, we can get it out, presented in any way you like.

Your invoices can be produced on pre-printed or plain paper, logos can be incorporated and we are happy to design all the layouts you use from the system – remittance advices, Statements etc.