Orvis Backup Appliance

In this world of cyber security threats and ransomware, good reliable backups are a must. Your business will live or die depending on its backup policy. With large amounts of data being produced by business and the threat of ransomware, data backup is vital to business continuity.

With data backup there are a few simple but critical rules.


What is the Orvis Backup Appliance?

The Orvis Backup Appliance has been designed to meet this criteria. Our appliance is a custom Linux computer that makes backups of the data on your computers and network storage. This machine is not accessible by Windows computers on the network helping to protect your backups from the latest ransomware encryption viruses. Housed in a nondescript case it looks nothing like a computer to reduce its appeal to a potential burglar.

This appliance provides a local backup of your data.


Benefits of the Orvis Backup Appliance

  • Provides incremental and/or historical backups
  • Runs on Linux and so is immune to more than 99% of viruses
  • Can synchronise data with our remote backup servers

What does it cost?

The Orvis Backup Appliance is only £395 + VAT plus setup and configuration depending on your needs.

We also offer monthly support contracts that include Guaranteed SLA, Site Visits, Remote Support and Monitoring. In addition, these support contracts include our Remote Backup Solution.


Orvis Remote Backup Solution

Having a local backup of your data is the first step in business backup security. Keeping an off-site copy of the backups is vital to avoid catastrophic data loss.

The Orvis Remote Backup Solution is an on-line system that will store copies of your backups from the Orvis Backup Appliance on our secure Isle of Man based servers.