Orvis Business Server

For businesses looking to better manage their internal IT infrastructure we have the Orvis Business Server, part of the Orvis Business Platform.

This is a combination hardware and Linux based software solution that adds a business server to your IT environment. This solution includes a domain controller, mail server, gateway management & Security, and file storage.

The Orvis Small Business Server includes:

    Orvis Business Server (OBS) provides native compatibility with Microsoft Active Directory®. This allows for centralised management of user login access on the business network.
    OBS includes a full mail server facility. Users can have their own individual mailboxes or access to shared mailboxes. There is a web-based interface for remote access to the mailboxes as well as mobile device access.
    Individual or shared calendars and contact lists allow you and your staff to be more organised.
    With the optional gateway management features access to the network and the internet is managed through a central network point.

What does it cost?

The cost of this solution is a lot less than might be expected as there are no expensive software licenses required, but  depends on the features specified and the number of devices that need to be setup and configured. Call us today on 625665 to discuss your businesses requirements.